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#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

char *usage = "new [options] filename [template]\n\n"
"     Filename of the file to create\n\n"
"-h, --help \n"
"     Print a list of options\n\n"
"-f, --force \n"
"     Overwrite any existing files\n\n"
"-l, --list \n"
"     List templates available for a given filename\n\n"
"-m, --mapping path\n"
"     Use the file at path to provide additional key/value mappings\n\n"
"-g, --global \n"
"     Use global templates instead of personal ones\n\n"
"-t, --template path\n"
"     Use the file at path as template\n\n"
"-s, --set FOO=bar\n"
"     Set the key FOO to the value bar\n\n"
"-y, --type type\n"
"     Set the file's type and do not try to extract it from the filename\n\n"
"-p, --permissions octal\n"
"     Set the new file's permissions\n\n"
"     Name of the template to use within global or local template directory\n\n"

/* ============================ print_usage () ============================== */
void print_usage(const int exitcode, const char *error, const char *more)
    fprintf(stderr, "%s\n", usage);
    if (error)
        fprintf(stderr, "%s: %s.\n\n", error, more);

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